For anyone who are needing these types of services i would hands down refer Rashad Blossom of Blossom law.

I had a consultation with Rashad Blossom a few minutes ago about a potential client referral that dealt with some complicated issues around North Carolina and Federal tax debts. Rashad was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Even after it became clear the conversation would likely not lead to a referral Rashad’s professionalism and desire to help was quite apparent. As a professional working in a related field, I can tell you from experience that finding an attorney who is able to have an off the cuff conversation about the discharge of taxes in bankruptcy is rarer than you might think. You would be well served to consider consulting Rashad if there is even the possibility that your bankruptcy might include federal or state tax matters. 

Was very helpful! While he couldn’t help me directly, he was very quick to call and help discuss issues and then referred me to another firm that could help. Based on the attentiveness of staff and the attorney, I would definitely recommend this firm.

Mr. Blossom is a winner he is courageous and very professional. He knows how to get the job done right. I defiantly recommend Mr.Blossom to others. If you want the job done right the first time call Rashad Blossom .

Best Attorney in North Carolina! Attorney Rashad is honest, yet humble. His professional skills, professional ethics, and compassion are commendable. Rashad and his staff are always reliable. NC is blessed to have Blossom Law

I needed some quick, last-minute advice. Rashad and his office were incredibly quick in answering my questions and putting my mind at ease. I had the pleasure of communicating with a very professional, courteous, and kind office. I can’t recommend them enough!

My bankruptcy story involved an ill-timed attempt to start my own product development business. After almost two years of facing global trade wars and pandemics, I had invested all my money with no end in sight. I faced what had become a terrifying personal financial problem. I was fortunate to meet Rashad Blossom at the darkest of these moments. Rashad was understanding, caring, responsive, and assuring. As soon as I spoke to Rashad it felt like a big weight had been lifted and I knew I was in the right hands. First impressions were accurate, and Rashad’s competence and experience helped guide my case through to a successful conclusion. I now have the new start in life that a hard working guy like myself deserves thanks to Rashad. If you’re faced with financial problems, make the call to Rashad asap. You will be very glad that you did.

What a wonderful experience I had with Rashad Blossom!!!! I have nothing but great things to say about him. He was welcoming, caring, professional and knowledgeable. He has made everything so easy for me. He treated me with respect and he gets the job done.He was responsive to my calls and emails throughout the entire process. Rashad went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. He is a Great person and I can’t thank him enough for helping me get my finances back in order. I can now take a deep breath and start my financial journey on the right track. So if you are considering filing Bankruptcy RASHAD BLOSSOM LAW is who you want to represent you. You will not be disappointed THANK YOU RASHAD BLOSSOM!!! You are the BEST!!! 

I was referred to Blossom Law from a friend and I’m so glad to have found this company! Rashad is extremely knowledgeable and explained everything I needed to know. The entire staff is amazing by responding quickly to all of my questions and having top notch customer experience. I highly recommend this company and will always refer anyone to them in the future! 

My husband and I were beyond lucky to have found Blossom Law; not only because of our financial issues but also during the pandemic. Rashad was beyond professional, supportive, and more before, during, and after the entire process. He responded to all of our questions and calls every time, and was very understanding. He eased our anxieties, and his office staff were great as well. Filing is stressful enough, and if you are looking for a professional lawyer who will not make you feel like a number; then try his office.

The entire experience for me has been awesome! During my initial inquiry, everyone that answered the phone was most professional and polite. I was then appointed to speak to Mr. Blossom and he was tremendously supportive! He listened without interruption, super patient, and answered all my questions during our consultation without hesitation! If you are in need of the services provided at Blossom Law Firm, you will not be disappointed and always prepared for anything upcoming because that’s the way they conduct business!! If I could give 10 stars I would be there was only five. 

I don’t have enough praise to give Rashad and his assistant Priscilla. They have guided me through my case and got me discharged quickly and effortlessly. I am so thankful I have chosen this law firm to help me out, I could not have had a better attorney experience or a better outcome 🙂 A million thanks to Rashad, may God bless him and his practice.

I highly recommend Blossom Law. The level of service is of the highest quality. Nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL!!! -The most patient attorney -Relatable and approachable -non judgmental -Hands on – available to his clients -Down to earth -Clarifies ALL steps of the process and was always clear about what would suffice and what would not…! -Stayed in contact til the end -Values his clients time and understands the sensitive and emotional days and/or nervous days -Goes above and beyond to make the process flow smoothly. I’m glad I didn’t let the “He services the Charlotte area” detour me! Mr. Blossom took my case even though I’m not located in the part of NC that he normally services! So glad I found Blossom Law! 

It has been a long 5 years in my Chapter 13. I didn’t start with Blossom Law but my original attorney picked up an closed, leaving me hanging when i wanted to buy a home. His files were sent to another atty who DID not return any of my calls. I called a very good friend whom i remembered filed and was referred to Blossom Law firm. He put up with me buying a home, then selling a home and it was NOT easy. He was awesome up and though the end!!!!  

When I first met Rashad, his personality and friendliness mad me feel like I had known him for years. He is kind hearted and the passion for helping people shines through. I would absolutely reccomend him for any of your bankruptcy needs. A+++

I was involved in auto accident first time and Mr.Blossom helped me to navigate through stressful process. He answered all my questions and showed he truly cared what was best for me, so that I could have a measure of peace of mind throughout the case.

Blossom Law firm is the best. He tells you the truth and stands by his word. Very prompt and will get your case resolved quickly. I recommend this firm to anyone in need of a great firm.

When I walked into Blossom Law I was very low and had debt that I could not handle from credit cards. I was paying out more than I was making. I never had anything left for me or my family. After meeting with Rashad Blossom it made such a difference. I was able to see an out so I pursued and went though with my bankruptcy case. Two years later. I am still really debt free and now searching for a home out here in North Carolina. The system works for a new beginning if you do right and stick to the program and follow the rules. I have learned that credit cards are used sparingly and not a way of life. If you are one looking for a new way of life and have lots of debt. You need to check with Blossom law if you really want a new begging.